The ladies that are natives of Istanbul tend to be beauty par excellence. They’re renowned for their gorgeous features and large breasts and buttocks. Most of these women are of medium height. Their face is usually long and oval shaped, with thin eyebrows and plump lips. The majority of these women also prefer to keep their hair long and styled in a way that highlights their facial features.

When it comes to dating, the majority of these escorts Istanbul are averse to one night stands or hookups as they’re typically looking for a serious relationship. They’re shy and don’t express themselves often, so you might find it difficult to initiate a conversation. The majority of these women also hail from very conservative families and are under immense pressure to get married and settle down. Therefore, they’ll seldom talk about their relationships with their parents or siblings and will also refuse to take you anywhere around their house where other family members might be present.

Staying True to Yourself: Dating Advice for Expats in Istanbul”

Despite their conservative nature, the majority of these ladies are quite modern when it comes to their use of technology and social media. Most of them use apps like Tinder and OkCupid to search for jobs, complete online courses and meet potential suitors. It’s also common for them to check out foreign sites that feature single Turkish men and woman as well as local dating events and activities. They might even turn to their embassy or consulate for help when looking for a man in their area.

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