Lighting Tower Hire Specialists

Lighting Tower Hire Specialists

Floodlight hire  are a great addition to rental equipment businesses, allowing crews to work safely after daylight hours and meet deadlines. By educating contractors about the different factors that go into choosing the right tower light for their needs, rental businesses can help them make an informed purchase and maximise the potential of these products.

One of the most important things to consider when buying a light tower is the amount of area that it can illuminate. This will depend on both the mast height and lamp configuration of the chosen product. For example, some newer tower lights have more than four lamp heads, allowing them to cover an even greater area than older models. This is particularly important for construction sites, where the whole site needs to be lit. Talk to your friendly tool hire expert about this before making a decision on tower light hire and you’ll find it much easier to choose the perfect product for your project.

Addressing Common Lighting Challenges with Lighting Tower Hire Specialists

Another thing to think about is the power source. Whether the tower light is diesel, gas or electric powered will have an impact on its run time and fuel consumption. A gas-powered light tower can be used for long periods of time, whereas a diesel-powered one may need to be refueled on a regular basis.

It’s also worth thinking about whether the tower light has metal halide or LED lamps. While both can illuminate a large site, metal halide bulbs require more energy and can be less fuel efficient than their LED counterparts.

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