Whether you’re looking for a craft gin, bourbon, or vodka, Michigan distilleries have a wide variety to offer. Many distilleries offer tours and tastings. During the tour, visitors learn the history of the distillery and sample spirits. They can purchase bottles after the tour.

What is the biggest distillery in the US?

Michigan distilleries take advantage of their agricultural heritage by using local ingredients. This keeps more jobs in Michigan and allows farmers to reap additional rewards. These distilleries are also fostering relationships with other local farmers. Many of the distilleries support local maltsters and malt-makers.

Michigan distilleries are also using locally sourced fruits and grains. For example, Coppercraft distills gin in Holland. The gin can be diluted with fresh-squeezed lime juice or Michigan cherry juice. This makes it an ideal choice for cocktails.

Two James is a distillery located in Corktown, Detroit’s oldest neighborhood. The owners of the distillery are obsessed with using locally sourced ingredients. They distill 100 pounds of botanicals, and produce two gins: MICHIGIN and MICHIGIN Wild. This gin is made with Michigan-grown botanicals like Beaver Island juniper, fennel, and red winter wheat.

Ann Arbor Distilling Company is another Michigan distillery that uses local ingredients. They produce four seasonal gins, as well as a variety of fruit liqueurs.

The Detroit City Distillery uses local grains to produce Bloodline whiskey. The distillery’s website also lists the best burgers, restaurants, and bars in Michiana. It also has a list of the best cocktails.

Michigan distilleries are a great place to visit. Many of them offer tours and tastings, and many are open to the public.

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