shrooms montreal

shrooms montreal, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, remains illegal in Canada, and stores selling the drug are popping up across the city. Many are branded with catchy names like FunGuyz or Shroomyz and sell a wide range of products from caps to edibles and extracts.

The owners say they keep prices low to make the drug accessible to anyone who wants it, and the storefronts are packed with returning customers. They’re hoping to expand to other cities.

But Montreal’s police service (SPVM) says the stores are breaking the law. The service said officers raided FunGuyz on Thursday, the third time since it opened less than a month ago. A 24-year-old man was arrested and faces a court date. The SPVM also searched a residence in Place Charles-Le Moyne in Longueuil where more drugs were seized.

Montreal’s Fungi Frontier: Exploring the World of Shrooms

A nurse at the store helps customers decide which product is best for them, explaining that some types of mushrooms offer energy while others provide relaxation. Then she recommends a dose. The higher the dose, the more intense the hallucinations. But people can have a good trip with as little as two grams of dried mushrooms.

A co-owner of the Fun Guyz franchise says his goal is to “push the boundaries” and eventually have mushroom sales legal in Canada, similar to the path that led to the legalization of cannabis. He’s already done some pushing; he ran illegal weed dispensaries, ran a country-wide campaign giving away 5 million marijuana seeds, and mailed grams of weed to Liberal politicians.

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