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A recent study hottest men by the University of London School of Management has shown that people are more likely to judge men based on their physical attractiveness than their competence. This is called the “halo effect”.

While this is a positive thing, it can also be a negative. For example, in the study, good looking men were more likely to be deemed as a threat to future colleagues than their less attractive counterparts. And, since managers make hiring decisions to serve their own interests, organizations may not always be able to find the most competent candidates.

In the same study, people were asked to give their opinions on how attractive a man was. They found that people are more likely to rate someone as being attractive if they turn their heads when they walk past. It also found that good looking men were more likely to be rated as being a stud than their less attractive counterparts.

The Sexiest Men on Social Media

However, this is only a small portion of the findings. Another study by Oxford University found that good looking men were more likely to get extra-pair encounters than less attractive men. The study looked at 150,000 straight dater profiles on Eharmony.

According to Taha Yasseri, lead researcher of the study, these findings demonstrate a consistent pattern in how people evaluate attractive men. He says it’s due to a widespread problem of insecurity in women.

But this doesn’t mean that guys who aren’t good looking are unable to get beautiful girlfriends. There are other factors, such as a woman’s age and other traits, that aren’t related to their physical appearance.

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