A 4 gas monitor is an essential piece of personal safety equipment for use in confined spaces where there may be dangerously low oxygen levels or toxic or flammable gases or vapors present. As the name implies, these devices are able to measure up to four different gases or particulates simultaneously.

They are used in a variety of industries to prevent accidents and injuries related to carbon monoxide poisoning, oxygen deficiency, combustible or explosive gases and vapors and other health hazards. Workers who regularly enter tanks, silos or other confined spaces such as sewers and tunnels need to be equipped with a 4 gas monitor that will help them assess whether a space is safe before entry and continuously monitor conditions once inside.

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Other common workplaces that utilize a 4 gas monitor include wastewater and sewerage, mining and oil refineries. Wastewater and sewerage areas can be dangerous due to biological breakdown that emits hydrogen sulfide, while mines pose the threat of methane exposure as well as depleted oxygen levels. The specialized use of a 4 gas monitor by fire departments is another common application where these tools are useful to avoid the risks associated with confined space entries.

When using a 4 gas monitor, it’s important to properly store and maintain the unit to ensure its longevity. Expose the device to fresh air after each use and confirm that all sensors read 0ppm for CO, H2S and O2. The combustible sensor reading in %LEL will also need to be calibrated on a regular basis following your manufacturer’s guidelines.

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