amish candles

Amish candles are a traditional gift for any occasion, and they also add a touch of charm to any home. If you’re looking for a unique gift for someone special this holiday season, consider giving an Amish-made candle!

Amish Candles are made by local Amish craftsmen in America, and they come in a variety of styles from beautiful jar candles to colorful muffin candles. Scented with classic smells of a country kitchen, these candles are sure to brighten your home!

Located in Intercourse, Pennsylvania and operated by the Hurst family, The Old Candle Barn has been making candles since the 1960s. They use a historic recipe that includes herbs to produce high-quality, natural-wax candles that smell great and have an authentic Amish flair.

The Beauty and Benefits of Amish Candles: A Complete Guide

They have a candle factory and showroom in the village of Intercourse, where visitors can watch candles being poured and dipped the old-fashioned way. They also make an array of room sprays, furnishings, and accents that will add a sense of tradition to any home.

Olive Oil Candles are a clean and easy-to-make alternative to traditional wax candles! They are made with olive oil and a small amount of fragrances to create a fresh, clean aroma.

There are many Amish traditions that keep their culture strong during Christmastime, and some of them include decorating with candles, lighting their houses with oil lamps instead of lights, and giving gifts through gift exchanges. These traditions are a great way to enjoy the holidays and celebrate our Amish heritage!

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