Crusty white dog breed   is the term for small breed dogs such as Bichon Frises, Maltese, Shih Tzus and poodles that often have red-brown tear stains or “crackles” around their eyes. These crusty stains, which look like goop or rust, are actually dried tears and mucus. Iron-rich porphyrin molecules found in these tears react with oxygen to create rust-colored stains on the fur around the dog’s eyes. These stains have become such a prominent feature of the dog breed that they are now widely known as crusty white dogs.

Despite the name, crusty white dogs are very sweet and loving. They are intelligent and social, and they get along well with people of all ages and other pets. They are moderate shedders and need regular grooming and bathing. They are also known for their love of treats and for being playful with their owners.

Tips for Dealing with Dry and Crusty Paws in White Dogs

As adorable as these dogs are, they must be given special attention to avoid the development of crusty patches around their eyes and other parts of the body. For this reason, they are best suited for homes with people who have enough time to spend caring for them.

The first step to preventing crusty white dogs is to clean their coats frequently. It is recommended that you use a gentle dog shampoo and conditioner. Also, you should brush them a minimum of twice a week to prevent knots and tangles. Lastly, it is important to keep them comfortable and moisturized with a high-quality, non-greasy skin moisturizer that will not irritate their sensitive skin.

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