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The transition from best weed online canada to legal weed is happening globally and Canada is at the forefront of this movement. As cannabis becomes more and more regulated, it’s become easier for people to buy it legally from online dispensaries. Here are five of the best weed online canada stores to consider using.

West Coast Cannabis is one of the goliaths of the online marijuana world. Their name is often mentioned in forums and word of mouth about the best MOM dispensaries online; they have a great selection of marijuana products and friendly customer support. They also offer reasonable shipping prices and a guaranteed delivery for all correctly completed orders (except Nunavut and Northern Quebec).

A Click Away from Cannabis: Navigating the World of Online Dispensaries for Your Cannabis Needs

Herb Approach is another top MOM that is loved by many for their friendly customer service. They have a large menu and are known for their generous discount codes and promotions. They also have a professional commerce system that makes it easy to add and remove items from your cart. They also have free shipping for all orders over $150 and their packaging is discreet.

LowPriceBud is a favorite for value-minded weed consumers. They offer a variety of quality strains at affordable prices. Their Night Nurse AAAA (Popcorn) is a perfect Indica for when you want to relax and unwind. They also have a Build-Your-Own AA Half Pound option that allows you to choose any 8 strains from their selection for only $450. They also have a loyalty program where you earn points with each order.

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