A happy hippos  is a big, fat hippopotamus that lives on mud or sand near a river. The hippo likes to play with other hippos and eat river grass. The hippo usually has long, curly horns on his head. It also has a very large mouth that can eat up to 110 pounds of grass each night.

A hippo’s eyes are on the top of its head, and it has nostrils that close when it goes underwater. It can hold its breath for five minutes and is able to see and breathe through a thin layer of water. It can even walk on land or swim if the river is shallow and calm.

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Often, hippos live in small groups, and their family is very important to them. They have a special way of talking to each other, which sounds like grunts, squeals and puffings. They talk to each other so that nobody else can hear them. The hippos are able to communicate with each other using these noises because their lungs are in their necks and tummies.

The Happy Hippos are a popular cartoon on television and can be seen in Horrid Henry, Horrid Henry Goes to the Movies, and the book Horrid Henry’s Gross Question. The television show is a parody of Barney and Friends and Teletubbies. It features one or two boy hippos and a girl hippo. This tv show also has an accompanying magazine and has toys, games, movies and videos.

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