No matter if you have a cat or dog, it’s important that you teach your pet the go here/walk here path. The key is to have your pet “go here” to where they need to go on a regular basis. You can do this by having a special area outside for them to use. Spray on around and near a designated outdoor potty spot. A special scent usually entices your pet to “Go Here” and never on hard surfaces, carpets or floors.

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This is a great idea for any MLM Company. Having your new distributors go through a training process where they are taught how to recruit and retain distributors will make your company much more profitable. My favorite time of year for Go Here/Walk Here training is in the middle of winter, when the cold air and snow make going to and from work difficult. The reason being is that this is when you really want your distributors to get out and take some time and relax, whether it’s at their home, on the golf course or at a local spa.

Go here and walk here with your new distributors because this will generate a lot more business in the spring and summer. Another reason why I recommend November and February as times for training is because these are the start of the off seasons in your major industries. People are buying more products, looking for discounts and looking for price cuts. Take advantage of your time by offering some quality November training and February 2021 training. Who knows you may have the best training in the country!

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