CBDDY – now n later is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain created through crossing Zkittlez and Abula. This strain is a great choice for any time of day, and its high can be extremely relaxing.

Now and Later aka Now N Later Weed Strain Information

Named for the classic candy, Now N Later has a sweet citrus taste that is reminiscent of sour cherry and watermelon candies. It also has a unique aroma that combines pungent herbal earth with spice and sour citrus notes.

This strain was bred by Beyond Top Shelf and is a cross between the popular Zkittlez X Abula genetics. It is a medium-to-highly potent strain with a slightly higher THC content than average (up to 24%).

Now N Later has a moderate-to-difficult growth cycle that requires a lot of training and trimming before the flowering period begins. The plant tends to neglect its cola production when left on its own, so the extra attention is necessary for a successful harvest.

Its appearance is very appealing, with its dense foliage ranging in color from dark green to deep ocean blue. Her water leaves are large and wide, and her flowering buds break away from her main colas in small pieces.

She has a beautiful, natural fragrance that reflects her herbal origins. The flowers are topped with long thin pistils that are covered in electric orange and red trichomes.

The now n later high is a great way to get rid of stress, boost energy levels, and relax before you go to sleep. This strain is also a good strain for helping with pain and nausea, so it’s a great choice for anyone who needs to deal with chronic ailments.

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