If you are an Quick Embroidery Digitizing Services owner you know the importance of getting your designs digitized correctly. You pay the digitizing fee and you want to be sure that it will stitch out perfectly. This is one of those areas that you don’t want to skimp on – this is a charge that your customer absorbs – and it’s one of the things that separates a successful embroidery business from a struggling one.

What are the two methods of digitizing?

Digitizing is a process that converts any graphical image into an embroidery format that is suitable for the machine embroidery process. The embroidered design is created using stitches and thread, and the process requires specialized software and embroidery skills. It is a specialized art and is often outsourced to professional embroidery digitizers.

The best embroidery digitizers use software that is designed for the task, which includes a wide variety of embroidery-specific functions like stitch order, thread color and stitch density. The program allows the digitizer to make precise choices that will create a high-quality result, and is more accurate than trying to use other graphics programs for the same purpose.

Another advantage of hiring an embroidery digitizer is that they are typically able to work with larger orders. This is a good thing because it means less stress and fewer headaches. For instance, it is easier to deal with a corporate client than a mom that wants a shirt for her kid’s birthday.

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