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Apps like headway connects users with therapists that accept their insurance. It claims that it saves clients 75% on their therapy costs, compared to sessions booked without the platform. The site features a search tool that filters by provider type, location, specialty and other details, and also displays the average cost of therapy in your state. The platform also offers online booking and a feature that allows users to see a therapist’s real-time availability information before scheduling an appointment.

Quick Wisdom at Your Fingertips: Exploring the Best Apps for Book Summaries in 2024

In terms of design, Headway uses a cutesy visual style and encouragement to gamify learning with bite-sized content. The app’s goal is to make it easy for users to build a daily learning habit—and it does so by tracking progress and letting users fill their “learning meter” each day.

Unlike other book summary apps, Headway’s Guides are written in an engaging format that incorporates a range of learning activities and tools to help with knowledge retention, such as a learning streak, spaced repetition for memorization and a daily quiz. The app also features “mindsets,” a series of motivational quotes and mindfulness exercises that helps with application and knowledge retention.

Headway doesn’t charge either consumers or providers for its services, and the startup earns revenue from insurance companies that pay Headway to enable wider access to therapists on their network. The platform also provides a number of benefits to its providers, including guaranteed biweekly payments and the ability to get credentialed for insurance in 30 days or less.

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