Tennis Court Repairs

When a Tennis Court Repairs is repaired and resurfaced properly, the results are a well-maintained tennis court that provides safe, playable surface for all types of players. Tennis court resurfacing should be done every 3-5 years, depending on the type of court and how often it is used, local weather conditions, and the overall wear and tear the surface has experienced.

The first step in a tennis court repair or resurfacing job is to clean the entire area of the court, including removing any old patching and crack filler materials. The contractor then uses a crack repair filler to fill in the cracks and sands the area smooth for consistency with other areas of the court. When using crack fillers it is important to check the forecast to make sure there isn’t a lot of rain coming because water can easily wick upwards into the crack and slow down the drying process.

Resurfacing vs. Resealing: Which Approach Does Your Court Need

Once the cracks have been filled and sanded, the court is ready to be resurfaced. During the resurfacing process the contractor will paint the entire court with a multi-layer paint system that seals any voids, improves skid resistance, and enhances the appearance of the court. Depending on the type of court, and the customer’s preference, the contractor may also add a cushioned coating system to the courts surface.

While resurfacing is the least expensive option for a tennis court, it should only be done when cracks are minimal and the surface of the court can still function properly. If a court is badly cracked, it will probably need to be reconstructed using a membrane, stone screening or overlay process.

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