Recently ozarmour have released a new range of jackets and coats which are styled after the late DJ, David Blaine, and the band, Low. Designed in the classic Oz-A-Roo sense of cool, we take a look at some of the jackets and coats that ozarmour have to offer for 2010. The brand name has taken cues from many different elements such as David Blaine’s street dancing, the band’s music and even their own name which is an acronym for the original members of Low. Each one of the jackets and coats is said to have a different meaning attributed to it based upon how the jacket or coat was worn during the time of David Blaine.


Congratulations! Your Ozarmour Is (Are) About To Stop Being Relevant

One example is the ‘2000 Maxima Body Kits Aerodynamics Jacket’, which was worn by David Blaine in his famous ‘air walk’ performance. The jacket is made from a light weight polyester and features an adjustable shoulder pad, which can be raised or lowered to change the angle at which it fits your body. The front face of this jacket is designed to protect the wearer against the wind and has several small zippers which are lined with soft Velcro. Additional features on this jacket include two side pockets which can be used to store extra equipment or for the quick access of important pieces of info. Additional details on the exterior include an adjustable buckle at the waist which is designed to hold on to the body in the right place, and a hook and loop fastening system are used along with the adjustable chest pocket.

The ‘2010 Maxima Style llc Hip Hop Pants’ is another example of a great jacket which is also designed for urban use. The pants feature elasticized waistbands and an easy drawstring waistband. The interior of the pants features a front zip pocket, and a back zip pocket as well. These pants are designed for ease of movement and comfort due to their light weight materials. They offer a comfortable fit and a loose fit which make it easy to move around. The included hip belt also doubles as an alternative lumbar pad for additional comfort.

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