In a nutshell, Exclusive Wholesale Body Piercing Selections are purchased in bulk from various online body piercing wholesale distributors that resell to piercing studios. When people talk about buying body piercing jewelry in bulk, they are usually referring to pre-packaged bags of various styles and sizes of body jewelry sold at closeout prices. These may include a variety of designs such as hoop earrings in bulk, septum rings in bulk or belly button rings in bulk. These can be a great way to fill out your season inventory without risking your purchasing budget on products that are either too popular or have already passed their selling window.

Piercing Perfection: Navigating the World of Wholesale Body Jewelry

A piercing is when a hole is made in the skin with a needle, and then a piece of jewelry (usually metal) is inserted into the opening. The most common piercings are in the ears, nose, and belly button. Some people choose to stretch their piercing holes so they can wear larger jewelry. Stretching should be done very gradually, not all at once, to decrease the chances of damage and scarring.

It is important to get a piercing from a licensed professional in a clean and safe environment. It is recommended to get a piercing only after all required immunizations are received, especially the hepatitis B and tetanus shots. It is also a good idea to do some research ahead of time to find a shop that has experience doing the type of piercing you want, and that follows sterilization procedures.

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