Many factors go into choosing the right playground equipment for your school, community or business. You’ll need to consider your space and budget, as well as whether you want to install the equipment all at once or in stages. In addition, you’ll need to evaluate what safety features are important for your location.

A few key points to remember when choosing playground play equipment are the materials used, age separation and the inclusion of free-standing elements that can be added to other structures. The types of material you choose also impact the cost and durability of your playground equipment. Plastic, metal and faux wood are common material choices for playgrounds because of their long-lasting and low maintenance needs. Wood is another option, but it can be prone to insect infestation and splintering.

Playground Play Equipment: Fostering Physical Activity and Social Development

The addition of a jungle gym to your playground is a great way to get kids climbing and burning energy. This type of structure typically includes horizontal and vertical ladders and more complex walls that are designed to challenge children as they scale them. Spiral climbers are also a popular choice, offering an exciting twist to traditional ladders.

Teeter-totters are a classic playground element that inspires imagination and burns off extra energy. You can find models that seat two or more kids at once for double the fun. And, of course, the classic slide is a must-have for any playground. Free-standing slides are a popular add-on to other structures or can be included in your playground even if you don’t have the space for a large structure. You can also include a basic or themed balance beam for kids to practice their coordination and balance skills.

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