PROS: Electric cars have fewer moving parts than conventional vehicles and tend to require less maintenance. In addition, their batteries have a longer life expectancy than traditional car components. Most used EVs still have the battery under warranty, and most states’ laws require that the major battery components be covered for eight years or 100,000 miles. Lastly, many used EVs are certified as “low emissions,” meaning they have less pollution than vehicles with traditional gasoline engines.

Exploring the Market: Electric Car Used

CONS: The battery may degrade over time. It’s important to know how much an EV was driven and how often it was charged and drained. Also, the battery will degrade faster if it’s left sitting for long periods. Moreover, buyers must be aware of the limitations of the charging stations in their area and make sure they have a home charger or can access one. If not, they could find themselves stranded when they need to recharge or travel long distances.

When considering a used EV, be sure to check its battery health report and consider asking the seller to include any accessories. It’s also worth considering whether the EV has any charging station-specific problems and if it was sold to an owner who installed aftermarket charging equipment or used third-party charging services. Finally, be sure to check CR’s EV incentives finder for the latest information on how to claim the federal tax credit. For example, Genesis recently announced that it would offer its $82,000 EV G80 sedan with zero percent financing.

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